World: Oceans, Seas and Lakes - Map Quiz Game
Hudson Bay,  Lake Victoria,  the Arabian Sea,  the Arctic Ocean,  the Atlantic Ocean,  the Baffin Bay,  the Baltic Sea,  the Bay of Bengal,  the Bay of Biscay,  the Beaufort Sea,  the Bering Sea,  the Black Sea,  the Caribbean Sea,  the Caspian Sea,  the Great Lakes,  the Gulf of Guinea,  the Gulf of Mexico,  the Indian Ocean,  the Java Sea,  the Mediterranean Sea,  the North Sea,  the Pacific Ocean,  the Persian Gulf,  the Red Sea,  the Sargasso Sea,  the Sea of Japan,  the South China Sea,  the Southern Ocean,  the Tasman Sea, 
Seterra is a free map quiz game that teaches you about countries, states and capitals all over the world. This is the online version, which is written in HTML5. It runs under the latest version of most web browsers, e.g Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome, as well as Internet Explorer 9 or later. It will work under Windows, MacOS X and Linux, and also with mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad or Android. There is also an ad-free, downloadable version for Windows.

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