Finland: Regions - Map Quiz Game
Eastern Uusimaa,  Etelä-Karjala,  Etelä-Pohjanmaa,  Etelä-Savo,  Kainuu,  Kanta-Häme,  Keski-Pohjanmaa,  Keski-Suomi,  Kymenlaakso,  Lappi,  Päijät-Häme,  Pirkanmaa,  Pohjanmaa,  Pohjois-Karjala,  Pohjois-Pohjanmaa,  Pohjois-Savo,  Satakunta,  Uusimaa,  Varsinais-Suomi, 
Of all the countries in the European Union, Finland has the lowest population density. In the extensive Lapland region there are only two people every square kilometer. That bit of geography trivia is interesting enough, but can you find Lapland on a map? If not, you better study up using this map quiz game, and learn the 18 regions while you are at it!

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